How to stop accidentally pushing love away


Are you having trouble finding the love you deserve and desire and you’re really fed up of it? Could it be that you’re accidentally pushing love away? Sometimes a fear of getting back into a relationship after we’ve been hurt or abandoned or rejected puts us off being open to finding love.

Our conscious mind thinks ‘yeah, it would be a great idea to be in a relationship again, let’s find someone’, but our heart and our subconscious mind is thinking ‘wooah there, hold on, remember what happened last time? Let’s not go there again’.

How to step back into a relationship

The way to start convincing your heart that it’s safe to step back into a relationship, is to heal from the hurt and pain that caused it to close off. The first step to doing that is to allow yourself to feel the hurt and pain, and acknowledge it, rather than pushing it away just because it’s too difficult to really feel it. By pushing it away, it stays...

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