How to find love by changing your thoughts


Did you know that the thoughts you think could be responsible for stopping you finding love? Do you often find yourself thinking there are no good guys left, or the next guy will probably cheat on me again anyway, or no-one will be interested in me because I need to lose some weight? All that negative self-talk subconsciously convinces you that you’ll never find anyone, and it goes about making sure you won’t, so that you can prove yourself right.

So you keep not finding suitable partners and then you can keep telling yourself and your friends that there really are no good guys left or no-one is interested in you because of your dress size. So become aware of all of the negative things you might say to yourself around relationships and love, and all of the things about you that you beat yourself up about, and stop thinking them. Then replace them with more positive thoughts like ‘I only need ONE good guy, and there are definitely good guys around’ or...

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How to stop accidentally pushing love away


Are you having trouble finding the love you deserve and desire and you’re really fed up of it? Could it be that you’re accidentally pushing love away? Sometimes a fear of getting back into a relationship after we’ve been hurt or abandoned or rejected puts us off being open to finding love.

Our conscious mind thinks ‘yeah, it would be a great idea to be in a relationship again, let’s find someone’, but our heart and our subconscious mind is thinking ‘wooah there, hold on, remember what happened last time? Let’s not go there again’.

How to step back into a relationship

The way to start convincing your heart that it’s safe to step back into a relationship, is to heal from the hurt and pain that caused it to close off. The first step to doing that is to allow yourself to feel the hurt and pain, and acknowledge it, rather than pushing it away just because it’s too difficult to really feel it. By pushing it away, it stays...

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The ONE thing you must do if you want to find love

finding love Jun 17, 2019

Are you looking for love but you feel like there’s just something holding you back because you’ve already tried everything you can think of?

Well, there’s one thing you must do before you go any further, and that is to let go of your past; let go of that ex who keeps contacting you, the one who might occasionally pop round when he feels like it, the one who doesn’t want to be with you but also doesn’t want to let you move on to be with someone else.

While he’s still on the scene, you’re not making space for your new love to find you. You’re blocking his path to you. So now, knowing that, are you ready to let go so that your new love can find you? If so, it’s time to stop all contact with your ex, it’ll be difficult at first if you’re used to hearing from him and you enjoy the attention, or you hope that one day you can get back together, but right now it’s time to clear space. You finding your new love is much...

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