Meet Karen M. Thomson

The Life Platform was founded in 2018 by our CEO, Karen Thomson, after she identified a great need to fill gaps in knowledge in many important aspects of life; knowledge that isn’t gained from the many years we spend at school and university, but is often gained through trial and error, and learning from our mistakes.

Karen is determined that people should avoid learning too many difficult lessons and, instead, be armed with the skills and knowledge to go forward in life with great confidence and certainty.

You’ll find that the courses and information are not based on ordinary thinking, we go far beyond what most people consider to be the answers, and we create new possibilities and ways of thinking about the past, present and future. The aim is to help create an extraordinary life experience for each person who dares to believe that it is possible; it is there for you, and we at The Life Platform want to help you to get there.

After marrying young and divorcing 12 years later, Karen went 'through the mill' for several years in various painful and difficult relationships.
Disillusioned, she decided enough was enough and stopped dating and began studying courses, books, lectures, gurus, anything she could get her hands on to ensure she would break the loop of disappointment and hurt, and attract a more suitable partner. She worked like she was studying for a university degree, working on herself and learning and growing in the process.

After dipping her toe tentatively back into the dating scene, she began to notice that she was attracting better-quality men, until she met her partner with whom she travels the world, living and working in her dream locations, while helping other women to break their bad dating luck.

Karen studied psychology at university and, while spending over 20 years in clinical research, she became a perpetual student of any qualification or course related to her passions of natural health, healing, relationships, and the mind/body connection.

Karen has distilled down her years of studies so that she can pass on her extensive knowledge and experience to you, to enable you to find love now without spending more years of heartache trying to figure it out for yourself.

Aft The Life Platform team is here to support you on your journey to the best of our abilities, and we warmly welcome you as one of our tribe members.

Live, Love, Evolve

The Life Platform team x

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