Meet Karen M. Thomson

Dog lover, passionate life-liver, adventurer, psychology graduate and occasional Champagne drinker Karen Thomson, founder of The Life Platform, has an ultimate lifetime mission (let’s call it an obsession) to create more love in the world! <3

As George Sand, the French romantic novelist, said: “There’s only one happiness in life; to love and be loved”. Well, there may be other routes to happiness, but to love and be loved is pretty high up there on the list of most of our desires, but somehow it’s often the most difficult one to achieve.

After marrying young and divorcing 12 years later, Karen navigated her own struggles through the dating and relationship world, and came out the other side a new woman, with a new way of thinking, and a deep understanding of how our minds can be conditioned by our past experiences, which then affect our future. We learn to believe things about ourselves and the world over time, which often ultimately hold us back, like waaaaay back, from living a life we love, with a partner who is absolutely crazy about us.


Karen figured out how to turn that around to attract an amazing man into her life, and now lives her dream life travelling the world helping women like you to break their bad dating luck and change their lives to one which they could previously only ever dream was possible.


That’s why she created the six-module Find Love Now online course, so that you can do the same, but without all of the years of trial and error, and pain and heartache.

The wait is over, the time has come to put an end to the frustrations and the lonely nights, and make this your time to find incredible love and live the life of your dreams.

You’ll find that the courses and information on The Life Platform are not based on ordinary thinking, we go far beyond what most people consider to be the answers, and we create new possibilities and ways of thinking about the past, present and future. The aim is to help create an extraordinary life experience for each person who dares to believe that it is possible; it is there for you, and we at The Life Platform want to help you to get there. Let’s make it happen, together.

The Life Platform team is here to support you on your journey to the best of our abilities, and we warmly welcome you as one of our tribe members.

Live, Love, Evolve

The Life Platform team x

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